Wilakal is a very beneficial plant for the Tongva.  As a medicinal plant, its leaves and roots help to relieve headaches and stomach problems.  The leaves are collected before flowering and brewed into a strong thick tea. The roots are dried and ground.

Wilakal is also useful for treating intestinal problems.  For constipation, the Tongva chew small wilakal twigs. They also make a tea from the roots, which they take to clean out the intestines.

For bronchial ailments, they drink a mild tea made from flowers. To relieve sore throats, they make a mild tea from leaves and stems, which they use as a gargle.  The same tea is used for bladder problems.

The Tongva make a poultice from flowers and leaves to soothe sores and wounds.  Newborn babies are bathed in a mild tea made from flowers as a purifier.  The flowers also make a good eyewash.

In addition, Wilakal has a few non-medicinal uses.  The shoots and the seeds are edible.  The leaves are used to line granaries to keep the acorns dry.  Also, the seeds are ground and scattered during ceremonies.  Finally, the stems are used to pierce ears.


Eriogonum fasciculatum


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  Mario Incayawar, M.D., 2010

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